Archaeology and Conservation at the UNESCO World Heritage ruins in western Honduras

Welcome to PAPAC, the Proyecto Arqueologico para la Planificacion de la Antigua Copan, or in English "The Copan Urban Planning Project." We operate in cooperation with the Honduran Institute of Anthropology and History and are funded by the Colgate University Research Council, Colgate University Department of Sociology and Anthropology, and the Committee for Research and Exploration at the National Geographic Society.

This Web site is designed for those interested in the ongoing excavations and conservation efforts of PAPAC, whether they be our colleagues, teachers, students of all ages, or thrill-seekers. Its aim is to provide information about the activities of the Project and about different aspects of the research and site protection being conducted at Copan through PAPAC. The Project's Director is Dr. Allan Maca, a professor of Anthropology at Colgate University in Hamilton, New York. Clement Valla is the project's Media Director.

What you can find on the website:

IN THE PRESS: Click here for links to articles in both the Honduran and American press about PAPAC.
THE PROJECT: The Project tab describes PAPAC's mission statement, provides recent reports, maps, and SAA conference papers and other bibliographic information. Se puede encontrar unas de las charlas en español.
COPAN MAP: Our Copan map is an dynamic interface that allows users to locate important areas of the urban city relevant to PAPAC's research. Clicking on the pop-up bubbles will bring you to informative pages on these specific areas.
MULTIMEDIA: This section is meant to be an index page for all the photos, images, maps, reconstructions, and videos on this website.
PEOPLE: Here are short biographics of the project members as well as their CVs and photos.
LINKS: This page provides a list of other pertinent websites.

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Special thanks to:
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